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Passion Jewels head out with a vision of providing the best Diamond Jewellery to people around the world. We manufacture Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, and Necklaces that cater to both men and women. We have more than 5000 designs to choose from, not discounting the various possibilities that emerge from constant research and product designing by our product development team. Our range consists of commercial Jewellery for everyday wear to exquisite high-end jewellery for special Occasion and everything in between.

We make it possible to shop for extraordinary, high-quality diamonds and colour stone jewellery at a great value. We have revolutionized the industry with a disruptive pricing and service model as we strive to cater to our customers globally, leaving a mark on our exquisite brand.

Our customers will have more choices, detailed information, and legendary service is what we firmly believe in. We are continually innovating and paving the path for new ways to discover and design the perfect pieces that can suit every Occasion.

Mission & Vision

Our customers at Passion Jewel are always at the core of what we do. We provide our customers with the best selection of jewellery of the best quality. By supplying them with a dedicated service and infrastructure, Passion Jewel serves customers efficiently. With our consumers, suppliers, and business partners, we create long-term, collaborative partnerships. We respect their beliefs, forming open, trustworthy, and rewarding relationships based on honesty. Passion Jewel's mission and goal are to create expressive, inspiring, and affordable jewellery in diamond and colour stones that brings joy to those who wear it.

Our objective is to be the most reputable Diamond and luxury stone jewellery design and licensing business globally. Our critical plan is to provide its clients with value-added goods and services. Excellence at its finest, describing the total dedication displayed, the search for excellence and quality improvement, and the best effort. The three items that drive our decisions and actions at Passion Jewel are "Teamwork," "Continuous Improvement," and "Imperative Significance." In keeping with our core values of affordable luxury, modern design, and personal storytelling, we continually expand our jewellery portfolio. Our vision is to become the most known brand of Diamond jewellery worldwide.

At Passion Jewel, we put distinctive and fresh designs in the market. We are featured in Vicenza Daily Article, May 2013 edition, Vicenza Daily Article, January 2013 edition,
Rappaport Diamond Report April 2010 & April 2011, and Antwerp & Diamonds. A Brilliant Story article.

At, Passion Jewel we believe Our jewellery is your emotion.

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