About Passion Jewels

Passion Jewels has created a unique jewellery collection with a fantastic mix of modern designs and traditional craftsmanship that is becoming a fashion statement across European countries such as UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Spain to name a few. Passion Jewels is an established diamond and colour stone jewellery manufacturer with facilities in India, China, and Belgium since 2001. We are currently distributing all across European countries but not restricting ourselves to the confinement; we are also open to export worldwide. We have our established sales and distribution office in Antwerp, Belgium, which is the center of our operations to cater with utmost efficiency. We work with different business models to offer a wide range of services suited to our channel partners' needs. We create exclusive bespoke designs for our customers to give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

We consider people's needs and try our best to meet up with trends. Our design team consists of highly experienced professionals who have collectively put-up efforts to bring out and provide our customers with the best style suited to their respective markets.
At Passion Jewel, we sell fine jewellery for every day and every Occasion. We have been committed to quality not only of our products but of the conditions in which they are manufactured, and these all since our inception. As traceability allows us to manage and improve our supply chain's social and environmental impacts, we aim to trace each of our pieces from mine to market.

We prioritize materials that can be fully traced to their source of origin as we have been diligent about choosing partners aligning with our values.

Yesterday's State-of-the-art becomes todays' traditional and tomorrow's obsolete. Keeping up with the latest in manufacturing is a constant process and opens up so many new possibilities as we delve deeper.